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Medical Waste News

Medical Waste too often dumped in waterways, construction dumpsters, and under bridges in Texas.  Illegal dumping of Medical and Regulated Waste places huge financial liability on waste generators such as physicians, medical practices, and Crime Scene Cleanup companies.  Will high fuel prices result in an increase of illegally dumped medical waste that must me trucked to special disposal facilities?

Top Stories

  • Medical Waste Found in Dumpster
    Crime Clean of Texas responds to Illegally Dumped Medical Waste
    Crime Clean of Texas responded to a call for Medical Waste found in a dumpster.  Upon arrival Crime Clean of Texas Bio-hazard Technicians found a large amount of medical waste, used needles and other used medical sharps inside a commercial trash dumpster.  Crime Clean Technicians retreived the medical waste and sharps from the dumpster and packaged the items in puncture resistant biohazard sharps containers for disposal by a licensed Medical Waste company. 
  • Used Needles Found in Motel Room
    Crime Clean of Texas responds to Used Needles in Motel Room
    Crime Clean of Texas Technicians responding to a call for used needles found hundreds of used needles in a motel room, along with blood spray covering the walls, ceilings and furnishings.  The used needles were packaged in biohazard sharps containers and disposed of by a licensed medical waste company.  Carpet and padding was removed, placed in biohazard bags and boxes and also disposed of by a medical waste disposal company.  Structural surfaces were decontaminated, disinfected, and sealed. 

Press Releases

  • Crime Clean of Texas marks 20 years of success in the Crime Scene Cleanup industry.