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Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Waste Disposal

Companies who handle, transport & disposal of medical waste, used needles, sharps, crime scene cleanup waste, and biohazardous waste are heavily regulated.  It is important that physicians and other generators of regulated waste use the services of a reputable Medical Waste Company to insure the liability associated with Medical Waste Disposal is kept to a minimum.

Your Medical Waste Disposal Transport Company is required to be licensed, insured and compliant.

Q: When we contract a Medical Waste Disposal Company, will we have an initial expense for biohazard boxes and red bags? 
A: Most medical waste disposal transport companies provide biohazard boxes and red bags at no additional cost to our customers. 

Q: We generate a small amount of medical waste; about one box of medical waste every 2-3 months.  Do we have to pay a monthly fee for the months when no disposal is necessary.
A: Most medical waste disposal transporters offer "as needed" services.

Q: Is there an advantage to signing a Service Agreement? 
A: A Service Agreement generally insures that you receive the lowest possible rate for your medical waste, sharps disposal, or crime scene cleanup waste disposal. A Service Agreement is also beneficial is defining your pick-up schedule. 

Q: We have a busy medical practice and our previous medical waste disposal company was unreliable.  Can we set-up specific dates and times for our pick-up?  
A:  Most reputable medical waste disposal transport companies offer scheduled medical waste services for high volume and regular customers.

Q: Do Medical Waste dispposal companies furnish biohazard supplies for Crime Scene Cleanup? 
A: Most medical waste transporters furnish biohazard boxes and red bags to Crime & Trauma Scene cleaning customers who utilize their services on a regular basis. 

Q: We do crime scene cleanup and never know, day-to-day or month-to-month, if we will need to dispose of a biohazard box? Do Medical Waste Companies charge a fixed monthly fee?  
A: Most medical waste disposal companies offer crime and trauma scene cleaning companies and other low volume customers a "per box" rate.

Q: We clean crime & trauma scenes and need disposal of our biohazard boxes, but we never know when we will need a pick-up.  Can we sign a Services Agreement for pick-up on an as needed basis?  
A: Most medical waste disposal transport companies offer "as needed" services to crime and trauma scene cleaning companies and other low volume customers.

Using a reputable, licensed medical waste disposal company potentially reduces your liability and helps insure your medical waste is not dumpted in a construction duspster, or a waterway. 

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